Able Phnom Penh installs Kirei water-powered flush toilet seat

From Able Phnom Penh (LIA JC GLOBAL), Kirei has been introduced into the office toilets.

■ About Able Phnom Penh (LIA JC GLOBAL)

Company Name: LIA JC GLOBAL CO., LTD.
Capital: 100,000 USD
Established: June 2021
Representative: KEIKO OKUDA

Business Activities:

・Real estate development, sales, leasing, brokerage, management
・Construction and renovation
・Investment and asset management consulting
・Corporate establishment and business expansion support
・Local life support
・Planning and operation of seminars and inspection tours
・Real estate and business Company Number: 1000068872
・License Number: E-21-379, R-21-379-01

■ Installation Examples

➀ Waiting Area

➁ Rental Office – All individual male and female toilets are installed


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